Hi there!

Thanks for reaching Us and welcome to SarcasticAndFunny. We are a small store owned and administrated by 2 awesome people who just want to help people be happy by selling stuff ourselves are using on a daily basis. You may be asking yourself, who is this person and why should I trust them? well, let me share a small story about me and my partners.

I’m passionate about clothing and I love designing my own shirts. I think if something makes me happy or make my life easier, it deserves to say “Shut up and take my money”. I have bought a lot of cloth and any kind of funny stuff about motorcycles (one of my passions), kitchen, comics and so on and someday I said to myself: “ok, this is my passion and why don’t just let another people enjoy the products I’m using right now?” and that day SarcasticAndFunny was born and have grown as a small but trusted clothing store.

Well, I don’t want to distract You more with my full story in order You can see my, your store, and have fun buying all the things You want. You can do so by going to our catalog page clicking here.

If You just want to tell Us something, please go to the Contact page and write Us; We will try to reply to You as soon as possible.

Thanks and happy buying!


Johana Duke